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Vehicle Sourcing Centre

Vehicle Sourcing Centre
Phone: 01624 662777
Web Site: http://www.vsc.im/

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Welcome to the Island’s premier sourcing experts, we have forensic knowledge of this market, allowing us to deliver your order on time and within budget. Because we act specifically on clients instructions only, and are not encumbered by large showroom’s and other punitive overheads we can reduce our margin’s and pass on the saving onto you directly.

We are proactive in our sourcing methods, identifying the precise cars that our clients want and when they want them. We work close to several of largest groups in the UK where we can achieve great discounts and again pass those discounts on, giving you great value and quality.

Ofter clients will ask: How much do you add on to the price when sourcing a car? The simple answer is nothing, our margins are made on buying or negotiating a trade price and selling at UK retail. We are UK price competitive and local should anything go wrong

So if you thinking of changing you car, why not get in touch, we are open 9:00am – 5:50pm week days – 10:00am – 1:00pm Saturdays – Sundays by appointment

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