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Azzy Paints

Azzy Paints
Phone: 01624 619019
Mobile: 07624 420896
Email: paul@azzypaints.com

Azzy Paints – In need of repairs?
Unit 10
Kirby Farm Estates Douglas

Dazed and confused about the cost of repairing your vehicle? Azzy Paints will not be beaten on price, there is no charge for a quotation.

Paul has 27 years experience in the repair and restoration trade, seven of which were spent in the Jaguar body shop of excellence. This brings to the job a combination of knowledge, skills and enthusiasm.

Azzy Paints use PPG paints, which are approved by major insurance companies, and the PPG Access AutoRefinish computer program. This uses a database to formulate the perfect colour match for your vehicle.

Paul weighs the exact amount of materials required therefore the customer only pays for the amount of paint used.

We can provide a very competitive quote and a quality job that you can afford.

We have now moved to new spacious premises with plenty of car parking space. Our new oven is capable of accepting high top Vans and produces a very high quality finish. Get in touch to see how we can help you today.

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