How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

The winter months are characteristically cold and preparing your car in readiness for these months is extremely important. In this post we will share with you a few tips on how you can prepare your car for winter. These preparations can start with simple activities like carrying extra items in the boot and checking your tyres. Read on as we share with you some of our top tips to help you get through the winter months.

Make a Winter Car Survival Kit

One of the precautionary steps you can take in preparation for winter is to create a winter car survival kit. Ensure you have a proper ice scraper in your kit.

Check Your Car Battery

It is important to check the health of your battery in preparation for winter. The life expectancy of a battery is five years according to the AA. Consider replacing your battery if it is old. You can visit your local garage to have the health of your battery checked.

Clean Your Windows and Windscreen

Always keep your windows and windscreen clean inside and out so as to enjoy clear visibility in winter. The combination of dirt and low sun light can make your screen look cloudy. Check for any cracks in the various windows to prevent hazards.

Keep Your Lights Clean

While it is important for you to see where you’re going, it is equally important that other road users are able to see you. So, keep all lights such as indicators, brake lights and fog lights clean so they can perform their functions optimally.

Check Your Tyres and Consider Fitting Winter Tyres

Obviously, it is imperative that you check your tyres in preparation for the winter months. You should check for faults like cracks or splits, as well as the tread depth. Legally, the minimum limit of tread depth is 1.6mm. However, in the winter months, you need tyres with at least a minimum of 3mm of tread depth to guarantee your safety with traction and grip in extremely cold weather. Use a tread depth gauge or the tread wear indicators on the tyre to determine the depth of your tyres.

Check Your Wiper Blades

It is important that you carefully check your wiper blades for any cracks or splits. If you do find any it is recommended that you replace them with new ones.

Clear Leaves from Under Your Bonnet

Whenever you’re checking on your fluid levels, make it a habit to always clear all the leaves from the edge of your bonnet. This is important as the leaves could block the drains that take away rainwater from your bonnet, thereby causing leakage of water into your car.

Carry Your Phone Charger with You

In order not to run out of phone battery in the middle of nowhere, you should make it a habit to always carry your phone charger in the car. You can also buy a small charge pack and keep in the glove-box in case there are no other means of charging.

Consider Buying a Car Cover

Although a car cover may not be a necessity for winter, it can come in handy. You can find a car cover helpful to prevent fluids freezing in your car. It can save you precious time in the morning from having to de-ice your windows as well as protect your car from salt.